The Flash Season 6 Predictions


The Flash Season 6 Predictions

Sigh, ‘It is we who are our biggest enemies’, a great quote indeed. Barry (and the fans) learnt that the hard way. Little did Barry know that Savitar is nobody but a projection of his alter-ego who was trying to stop Barry from entering the Speed Force.

Well, it is sad to see the evil Barry pin down our beloved Barry, but there is something big planned by the makers. With The Flash Reborn, fans can take a sigh of relief, and hope for Barry’s return. As we can see, drastic changes have been made to the Speed Force, anything can happen. Barry’s sacrifice would not be left in vain, people of Central City will rise against all the evil. Barry will be free from the prison. Thus, setting the priorities straight, all we can do is hope for the return of our beloved superhero.

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